New Product and Mature Product Transfers

  • New Product Launch Capability

  • Transfer from Design into Sustaining Production

  • Transfer from High-Volume Locations

Phased approach to production

  • Product Outputs – Review of product’s available information and initial quotation

  • Process Inputs – Initial operational setup and creation of project plan for guidelines definition

  • Process Outputs – Creation of operational documentation, procedures and process control plans

  • Process Validation and Verification – Equipment and process challenge through structured and robust validation protocols

  • Process Confirming – Mass production launch and process monitoring

Materials and Supplier Management

  • Supplier Definition and Management

  • Supplier Auditing and Scorecards

  • Component Receiving & Inspection


  • Validation Master Plan

  • Documentation Transfer

  • Labeling Development

  • IQ, OQ, PQ Qualifications

  • Packaging Testing and Validations